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Emuria Koliai

Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) UK

ICU UK Objectives:

Iteso Cultural Union (ICU) UK aims to:

  1. promote positive use of culture for development of inclusive communities, preservation of history and safeguarding of archives and heritage of our communities; 
  2. promote good mental health and physical well-being by promoting recreational activities and relieving sickness and disease;
  3. alleviate poverty by promoting social inclusion of women, young people and other disadvantaged groups; 
  4. promote access to sustainable renewable energy and other environmentally friendly technologies. 

In pursuit of our objectives, we:

a) facilitate information-sharing and networking with professionals that support community development projects;

b) promote and develop skills in music and performing arts, sports and mentoring; 

c) engage in publicity, education, visual aids, consultancy and research;

d) monitor and protect those who face social exclusion;

e) organise events and campaigns that promote our objectives;

f) work in partnership with organisations that have similar objectives or whose objectives can aid the achievement of our objectives. 

About Iteso Cultural Union


To promote unity, cultural values and practices for sustainable development. 
Aisinyikokin epiteny lo eduki Ateker. 


To build a healthy inclusive society that cherishes and protects its cultural heritage.

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